House training a Shih Tzu puppy when it is cold outside?

by Jan Stone
(Cincinnati, OH)

We will be getting an eight-week puppy in March. I would like to start house training him but March can still be cold. Is it ok to take the puppy outside if it is say 40+ outside?

If the puppy has pee pads in his crate to use to go to the bathroom, how do you eventually move him from pee pads to outside? Thanks!

Hi Janice here from Miracle Shih Tzu

Congratulations on your new puppy. It's great you picked a breed that loves the cold and snow. At 40 degrees F. he/she should be fine outside while potty training. I've had dogs out at lower temperatures and they have done fine. Shih Tzu puppies especially love the snow so you might find that going outside to potty may also be mixed with playtime.

If you are still worried that the puppy might get cold, you can always get a sweater or coat for her to wear. If you can't find small enough, try improvising by cutting up an adult tube-like sock. Keep the tube portion and cut small holes for the front legs. That should work until she gets big enough to fit into an xs or small size sweater.

If you do decide to use the pads inside first, the best way I have found to help them make the connection is to take the pad outside and place it where you'd like them to go. You might need to do this several times until they get the idea. Always praise them if they do go outside to potty whether or not they make it to the pad.

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