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Our Shih Tzu Sires

By Janice Jones     Published August 5, 2019

This page is devoted to our Shih Tzu Sires and other special guys that live with us and that make the cutest puppies.  These dogs are first and foremost our pets and they are treated as such. 

Our Adult Shih Tzu Males are AKC registered and DNA checked.  We get our dogs' knees and hips checked out and do a thorough general health exam before using them as stud.   They are not for sale.

All of the adult girls can be found at the Shih Tzu Dams Page

Meet the Shih Tzu Sires

Say Hello to Our Toby Tao

He is our gorgeous 10 pound brindle colored Shih Tzu with a super thick coat and tons of personality. 

Sadly, his father, Mr. Kool Beans has passed on and we truly miss him.  Now, Toby is anxious to assume his father's job. So far, he's doing an excellent job!

His personality can't be beat - loving, devoted and an all-round family dog, Toby is never far from my side.  Just a bit reserved with strangers, it doesn't take long for him to get to know you.  One big lap dog.

Tiny Ketchikan Joe

He may be small, but you know what they say, "The Best Things Come in Small Packages."   

He's turned out to be quite the "ladies man," and some of our girls don't have eyes for anyone but him.  Just shy of 5 pounds, he is liver and white and tends to make very small babies.  

He's one that loves to be groomed and will sit still for hours as long as you are brushing or combing him.  He's too small to jump on the furniture, but just right to fit into your purse.

Lookin' for Timbuktu aka Timi

Timi comes to us from the same breeding kennel as Ketchikan above.  He's smaller than the breed standard and very interested in the girls.  His coloring is called lavender but the official color is liver. 

He's considered lavender because of the color of his nose, not brown, but with a faint blend of purple.  He makes lovely puppies that are on the small side.

Personality wise, he's loving, likes to play with the other dogs, but is reserved with strangers.  Once you get to know him, you'll find out what a great dog he truly is.

Obi Wan Tzunobi

Obi is our white and gold Shih Tzu all the way from Brownsville, Texas.

He's the youngest of the boys right now but also the largest.  At 12 pounds, he's the big boy on the block.

Very playful, loyal and devoted to family, Obi is curious and always out for a good time.  Like the other boys, he is a little reserved when people come to the door, but with time, he warms up to everyone.

Our Shih Tzu Sires along with our Dams deserve and receive all the love and attention that any pet should get.  They receive regular routine vet care including immunizations, worming , heartworm and parasite control.  Health concerns are addressed immediately and all parents receive daily supplements including NuVet Plus. Grooming is done onsite and parents have plenty of space indoors and out to play and exercise. 

We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful canine family who shares our home.

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