Our Shih Tzu Dams

Meet our Shih Tzu Dams.  This page is all about the girls.  If you'd like to meet some of the boys, you'll have to check out our Shih Tzu Sires Page.

We pride ourselves in finding the best parents for our puppies.  Here you will meet all the mamas that live at Miracle Shih Tzu Pup.

These gals are first and foremost our family pets.  They live in our home and many enjoy sleeping with us or my kids.  They are not for sale.

The Shih Tzu Dams

Meet AKC Registered Bebe Mocha

She is a beautiful Liver Colored Shih Tzu, sweet and mild mannered, and a great little mom.

She is the daughter of our Chocolately Smores and Sir Fletcher and is a solid light Chocolate with liver points.  Very sweet and ever by your side.  Bebe, as we like to call her is a seasoned mom with lots of love to extend both to her human family as well as her canine one.

Meet AKC Registered Miracle's Gabriella Gal

Gabby is mostly brindle with a little white and has a variety of other colors in her pedigree.  She is daughter to Toby Tao and resembles him in appearance.  Her mother was the late Zoey of Zion, a show dog from Texas. 

She is a devoted mom, loving pet, and an all round great dog.  She loves everyone she meets but seems to prefer men over the ladies in her life. She just might be the first one to greet you when you walk through our door.

Meet AKC Registered Richmond's Poppy Longstocking

Poppy is super friendly, greeting everyone she sees as her old lost friend. She's also entertaining, lovable, and ready to please.  

She is Championed Sired with a gorgeous thick white and gold coat and great conformation. Be prepared to play fetch with Poppy when you visit because she won't let you leave until you do.

Meet AKC Registered Miracle's Coming Up Roses (aka Rosie)

Rosie is a super sweet lavender girl who just wants to be loved by anyone. 

She is also one of our most fun-loving dogs, always ready to play with a human or one of her canine pals. She makes gorgeous liver colored and lavender colored puppies who have the best personality.

Meet AKC Registered Miracle's Cherries Jubilee

Cherry was born here at Miracle Shih Tzu to our Blue Shih Tzu, Lucy and Liver and White Ketchikan Joe. At only 8 pounds, she's a lightweight.  She's charming, and a devoted mother.  She's a liver and white Shih Tzu who normally produces puppies that are below the breed standard.

Meet AKC Registered Princess Leia

Leia is a smallest mom at about seven pounds, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality.  Very loving and always wants to be by your side. She's truly our Diva girl who doesn't mind getting dressed up from time to time in frilly frocks.  She's not as experienced as the rest of our moms, but she is still young and has plenty of time.

Our Shih Tzu Dams along with our Sires deserve and receive all the love and attention that any pet should get.  Regular routine vet care including immunizations, worming , heartworm and parasite control.  Health concerns are addressed immediately and all parents receive daily supplements including NuVet Plus. Grooming is done onsite and parents have plenty of space indoors and out to play and exercise. 

We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful canine family who shares our home.

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