Our Shih Tzu Dams

Our Shih Tzu Dams   |Last updated 10-09-2022

This page is all about the girls.  If you'd like to meet some of the boys, you'll have to check out our Shih Tzu Sires Page.


I am in the process of migrating all of the pages of this website to my main Shih Tzu site, Miracle Shih Tzu.  Please click to check out all of our Shih Tzu Dams (Shih Tzu Moms)

We pride ourselves in finding the best parents for our puppies.  Here you will meet all the mamas that live at Miracle Shih Tzu Pup.

These gals are first and foremost our family pets.  They live in our home and many enjoy sleeping with us or my kids.  They are not for sale.